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An Innovative and Creative Approach to 1st Nation Education

First Nation control of First Nation Education

At Kapawe'no First Nations School, we pride ourselves on our robust and rigorous academic course offerings.  In addition to teaching the full Program of Studies we are proud to offer Cree Language instruction, Land-based Teaching, and Residential School History (a locally authorized course) to our K-12 students.  Core courses such as ELA, Math, Science, and the Social Sciences are taught by Alberta certified teachers.  Immersed within these teachings our community Elders and community members support us making KFN School a leader in Land Based Instruction in Canada. 

Students who attend our school benefit from authentic First Nation teachings while ensuring they meet the requirements of Alberta Education and fully complete the requirements of their educational plan.   We support students with exceptionalities and staff work hard to create individualized educational plans that meet their every need.   

Our open door policy and live Virtual School Classroom ensures that parents/guardians feel an integral part of their child's education as staff work hard to keep parent/guardian's fully informed of their child's progress.

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